the one who got away

lost somewhere inside of me
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2002-03-19 04:26:17 (UTC)

tears of.........

maybe its just another mood swing or maybe it was the
biggest wake up call of my life
dad doesnt want me to see him anymore b/c i can "do so much
better" "he has too many miles under him already kel" " you
dont want to support someone all your life" mom doesnt want
to see him anymore b/c "he isnt what you want"
and i got to thinking and i cant see myself spending the
rest of my life with him
i care for him so much and im happy when im with him but im
so scared about my own life right now
i cant seem to get anything together
i hate school.........i hate it so much
im not smart enough to even make it through the simplest
classes and thats so frustrating

i wish i could start over with so many things
my entire life would be a nice start
maybe i would be smarter
im so scared
im just so scared


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