Deep Down
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2002-03-19 04:15:28 (UTC)

The Illusive Transformation of My Soul

Sitting and pondering if I am the one being vented at. It
is ok. Do your best. I am here.....even as inadequate as I
am to you. *Sighs* I am afraid to know. I am sorry if it
disappoints you that I will never vanish from your eye, but
I could never leave such a wise soul and intriguing. I
don't even know if I spelt that right....my eyes deceive me
So I wrote jibberish while fiddling with my guitar tonight.
As so goes:


Silky Strings
Pick into my head
Sweet Melody fills the air
Clouding all words
Sweet music
Pick into my soul
Mourning guitar
Play all my feelings
Pick all my thoughts
Sweet harmonic tune
All alone or on a stage
Never change
Mourning guitar
Short nails picking rapidly
Slow or fast
Beautiful music
My feelings wailing with the notes
Burning my soul
Keep me company
Mourning guitar.

*Sighs* Your words skim over my mind and burn like a
ciggarette into my heart, o'er my soul. So young and free.
My heart leaps from my very soul while pouting lips pucker
at the thought of your inexpensive thoughts. I dream of
holding you softly under the summer shades of weaping
willow trees. here's my next piece....somewhat, not done:

:::Slowly churning; elated breeze
Transparent waves crash upon the shore
falltic leaves upon the floor.
Flocking pheasants begin to fly
The world turns white
Dreadful winter; afraid, I spite
The colorful blooms of the flower
The wonderous season; for the Spring
Upon thy finest hour.
Summer sun lingers upong the sky
As for seasons, he, she, you, and I.

Eternal thoughtfulness......


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