Beanie Babys Life
2002-03-19 04:02:24 (UTC)


What good has the lord done to me? what have i done wrong
to deserve this? the way i think, the way things turn out.
Every day I sit here and wonder, what did i do wrong? I sit
here and pray, but no answers. Lord what am I to do? every
time some thing goes wrong, I turn to you....but all I feel
is that you leave me there standing cold, not knowing where
to go. Trapped in the darkness no where to go, no one to
turn to but you....

So many questions I have to ask, so much strength I wish I
had. What am I ment to do? sit here and cry hoping for
better days longing for the past back in my hands. If I was
to die tomorrow, what would you do? If I was to break free
out of this world I'm in, what would you say? If I was to
turn to you for help, what would you think? I sit here and
wonder, what can I do? who can I turn to, when I'm this
blue? who will give me the strength, the strength to
believe when times get out of hand.

I sit here and wonder, how did i get so weak? how did my
life turn upside down? and I remember the day my grandma
left. How every time the tears just fall from my eyes down
my face. What am I to do? I pray for strength, I pray for
help, and what do I recieve? nothing at all.

Lord what have I done wrong? What did I say that made you
leave. It feels as though you have forgotten me as though I
am nothing. All I feel is emptiness, as though my world has
just crashed.

I pray to you on my knees, help me Lord


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