my so called life
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2001-05-15 03:16:38 (UTC)

May 14, 2001 THE CONCERT!!!!

My weekend was very fun!! Starting off with friday...
After school i went to work. work was okay...i worked with
this chick uhhh...i forget her name...and i worked with
scott to. then after work me and scott went to burger king
as uslual...we go every friday night.. we have a fun time.
hehe...then on saturday 9i worked again...with scott. that
was fun. i went home got in the shower then went out with
scott. we went to his house for a bit and layed down in
his was fun...i can get soo comfy when im there
with him. then he got in the shower and like the snoop i
am..i wanted to find out what ever happened to all the
racheal stuff...and i found all of was in a shoebox
next to his bed. i was kinda hopin it wouldn't be next to
his bed....maybe in the closet but not next to the bed. oh
well...then when he got out we went to best buy and as
usual he bought like 5 have you ever
seen the really cute couples in stores holden hands and
kissin and stuff i think that is the cutest thing ever.
well back to the and scott were one of those was cute...then we went to the mall...plymoth
meeting and i saw daina and brianna there...i stopped and
said hi to was fun...then we went to wendys and
ate there. then we went back to his house and we both fell
asleep. then on sunday i got up and since it was mothers
day i took my mom out to breakfast and i was triing so hard
to cover up the hikki scott gave me. well she never saw it
thank goid!!....then on out way out from the breakfast place
(rays diner) i saw this little girl....she was wearing a
sign around her neck in bright colors it read "hi my name
is kira and i stole money from my family, and this is part
of my punishment" i thought that is such a good
punishment...but thats only me...then after that we came
home for a bit. then we went to jessie m's picnic or
cookout...and that was fun cause i hardly get to hang out
with her and i had fun. then it was the time i was waiting
for. the kim came and picked me up, and we
went to scottsand opicked up glenn and scott...then kim
drove and we stopped at wendys and got some food. then we
were on our way... at the concert there were so many
strange lookin poeple was the good charlotte and
mxpx concert...there was another band there...they were
okay..gc was so good...what amazed me the most was the
crowbd....everyone jumpin up and down..then the poeple whjo
jumped up on to the crowd...that was was
cool and scott plike made out in the middle of
the kim scott and glenn was fun it was
great!!! okay well im gonna go...always have fun!!
~!peace out!~

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