The Life of a Fairy! }}{{
2002-03-19 03:42:56 (UTC)

no one cares...

ok my life sux very badly.my friends dont care,my parents
dont care,my teachers dont care.no one does.and i bet if
your reading this,ou dont care.i could be holding a gun up
to my head right now and no one would care.im bout sick of
it.i am sick of it.infact im thinking of killing myself
after i get back from this trip.maybe i will steal my
sisters car before i leave so i can take a little joy
ride.i always wanted to drive. but i am too young,but if i
would wait one year,i could go whenever i want. see my
birthday is in bout 2 months,i will be 15.not that anyone
cares.people can be such brats.i have also had it with
school.we had to do bout 8 different essays last week.my
class gets yelled at everyday by at least 2 diff teachers.i
hate getting yelled at.and the worst part bout it is that i
dont do a thing.im all alone in that class,all the other
gurls hate me.i dont know what i did,but iobviously did
something. but what,i dont know.i love the strokes,they are
spo friking awesome. i was at this place called bellacionos
and these guys walked in that looked exactly like the
strokes. i saw them looking at me every now and then
smiling.and i went up to the front where they were waiting
for their friend how was a cashier to get a to-go box.they
said hi and ignorant little me didnt even look up. i do
that all the time.cute guys will say hi to me and i will
ignore them.i need to stop that.maybe i would have a date
everynow and then if i would just get up the courage to say

i have noticed that not one person reads these things.i bet
you noone but you has read this.(you meaning you who is
reading,not typing)

i feel so stoopid and out of place.if you want the rest of
this.give me a holler.ta-ta.

^.~ jin-jin the tree.