Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
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2002-03-19 03:28:02 (UTC)

Though the world around you crumbles

He will be strong...

Or so Relient K says. Lol.


Eduardo said im pretty... yay? Hes one of the dudes I knew
in mexico... he thought i was twelve... *grrs slightly*
Lol. Its all good. ;)

I played with my pups today. Lol. Me and Shawnie were
wrestlin. It was funny. That lil girl is cute, she
nips... its so hilarious.

I feel kinda ick, ya know? Its strange. Like, theres
something in me that doesnt belong, and I cant scrub it

Ah ha! I know what it is! I cant be there for the people
that love me and need me the most... adn that bugs the life
outta me.

Love ya matt, and huggles and marie.