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2002-03-19 00:24:26 (UTC)

Another battle won - I feel like a hero with a heart

Sunday night I called to pizza store manager and asked about
measures used to solve problem. He said his employee said
some things. I told him those were lies. The coward told
lies to defend his intends. The employer warranty me it will
not happen again and asked for sorry. It is not sufficient
for me because not me but my friend that be injuried. I ask
him to use some smiles in his store warning employees to
start day smiling. Most employees of that store are crazy
and nuts. Monday night the mad employee passed in outside
street of my home town. And tried to look at my friend.
A coward because if he really was a bandit he was not
delivering pizza for one single buck a trip. And he never
would harash little girls in streets. The coward is affraid
of losing job and did not want to be a thief or bandit
to get money. So he is only a coward that harash little
girls in streets with a stick. And I heard he have a wife
and child. Some miserable being is him. He said that night
he was addicted and not a beggar. I am still waiting for
him to try anything. He tried to defeat I voided him.
He lied for his employer I showed the truth. Now there will
not one more chance. I will take the prize he deserved
to have that other night. Come get some like that video game.
Other employees were warned to do not make comments with
people that have nothing about my home town. That kind of
people envies our lives and tells lies.
Tomorrow will be a day for an Angel like me. Carol my friend
made all for her boy friend. He lived with his friends and
addiction really does not mind about her.
Well a broken heart and Love turns to hate because the half
party is gone. Two parties of a same heart makes a Love and
turns to hate when it breakes.

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