Yellow Angel

Larmes d'un ange
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2001-05-15 03:05:38 (UTC)

May 14, 2001

I'm done school for 3.5 months!!!!!!!! I'm soo happy.
However, I don't think I did so wonderful on my physics
final. Although, I don't think I failed and that is better
than I aws expecting. I figured out that even if I got a 0
on the final I would still pass the class with a 60. So,
no matter what, I passed. It took two hours though! I was
going crazy...I can't sit in one place for that long. It
was awful. ANd then I sat at the movies tonight and
ohmygoodness.....too much sitting for me today!

I got the job at Lane Bryant...they are going to pay me
$9/hr. I was like wow...I so was not expecting that at
all...I was thinking maybe like 7.50 at the most but 9 is
cool with me. I like 9. The people all seem really nice
too so it should be fun :) I hope so anyway.

Trish, Ev, David, and i saw a Knight's Tale
was such a good movie. I laughed soo much! I loved it!
It was weird because I was expecting a chic flick but it
really wasn't at all. It was soo good :)