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Emo Violence
2002-03-19 03:07:50 (UTC)

+weekend in review... part 2

so friday was ok, i went to caitlyns and chilled. saw a
movie. came home, not too late. slept in on saturday,
that was nice. went to my brothers baseball games, and got
my hair got short and sexy. didnt do much, was pretty siked
about playing minature golf with zac that night.
i head to the show, after arguing with my dad a lot i
finally go, they arnt there, clint or zac, im hanging out
with cool girls, shannon and alicia and alyson and gucks,
talkin to jill and josie and julie, havin a good time bein
silly, jon raum was bein fun. a little while later still
no zac, ugh, it was getting late and cold. Joe from DU is
hangin outside and he says hes heading to wawa, i invite
myself and julie and jill, (brendan comes along too) we
meet at joe's pimpy car. and he pops his trunk and shows
some subs hes trying to hook up, and a bag of alcohol, and
hands us a bottle of black cherry malt, it was soo good, he
told us we coudl have it, we went to his car, and started
drinking, i was worreid for jill, she is small, so i drank
more than they did, i knew i could hold it ok. we drove
around, went to wawa, got coffee, bumped rap, and came back
to the show, i danced hard for a little bit, we were pretty
smashed, i was all over, dancing, touching friends, jill
tells me that zac just showed up, and clint. i went up to
him, giggeling and confused, i touched his stomach, for
some reason, with the tips of my figners, i guess i thought
it was the most innocent place to touch, (and still in a
friendly way) im weird, what cna i say. i went around some
more, sobered up a little, jill was DONE, she was spitting
gum in the air and tryin to cathc it, she dropped it on the
floor SOO many times, and just kept puttin it back in her
mouth. gross. later i went to pizza gallery with clint and
zac, i was calmer, the boys were funny as always, dont
remmeber much though. they joked htat evertime joe dropped
his sticks while they were playing, they'd rape him, gosh
it was funny. Jill was crazy, even up till the end of the
show she was toasted, i was trying to calm her down, she
really didnt think she was drunk. i even tried to punch
adam and knocked her over, maybe i was still a little
buzzed. anyway, were heading back, and i talk to that boy
that i had been seeing at shows a lot, that reminded me of
sam. he was so nice, such a nice person, i hope i made an
ok impression. i gave him my email and he wrote me last
night which was cool. i think its awesome he lives on his
own, jease im jealous of people who have it more figured
out than i do. anyway, i hung at hte show till about 10:30,
zac gave me a ride home, i regret not being nicer or saying
somthign sweet to him, clint had left with rachel so it was
just him and i. ah well though. i thouht about it last
night, how nice it would be if him and i were togheter, and
i could meet his family, and stya with him and talk late,
and we coul ddo things, that arnt shows, without clint!
froget it. im trying too. sunday was uneverntl, snowy, cold
and windy. i donwloaded lots of music and made a mix cd for
joe the guy who gave us the alcohol. other than that the
night was uneventful, im talking to mike now. i better go,
its getting later.

sarah core