the life of a not so perfect KT girl
2002-03-19 03:04:12 (UTC)

oh yes I'm still here

okay so after venting out all my anger and such in here for
the past days I think I am finally able to return to the
human world that has a more extensive vocabulary besides
that with the boundries of 4 letter words including piss
fuck and damn!
so ne ways I am kinda upset with the fact that Noemi has
not returned my phone calls and I am just like humm well
whatever and I talked with Amanda and every watch for her
she might be the next star of " Girls gone wild " .. that
right she was at the beach and well u know she denies it of
course but I know .. :) hehehehe go Mandy !
so yeah I am fusterated with all this boyfriend Girlfriend
crap and don't u know that I am going to crystal beach this
weekend and I am going to hook up with so hot guys .. I
think that is what I need or maybe I need to go to the club
and find some hot vajtos!!! woo whooo ! yeah so ne ways the
search for a college is under way and Ican safely say I am
so pissed off with the whole ordeal I wanna blow my foot
off.. I just can not deal with all this ! SAT scores and
ACT scores.bahh to all this crap .. so ne ways yeah I dunno
well I'm goning to go .. until later .. keep it real