Angela Nicole

2002-03-19 02:44:54 (UTC)

So much has changed

I dont even know where to begin.. Matt and I are on a
break.. I cant do the whole not talking to him thing.. and
he isnt willing to try to call me once a week like I
asked.. And its just stressfull..I need somone I can talk
to... and when im with him.. If i even talk to another guy
I feel bad.. which i know is a good thing.. But i need
someone to talk to.. its not sexual or anything just
talking.. I got to talk to my baby today on the phone
though that was great and YES he is still my baby!

Well spring break is already over.. I didnt take those tabs
on the airplane Robert and I did them all the night we got
them.. They werent that good though. I tried crank when I
was there.. It was alright.. Id do it again but X is way
better.. My friend Angie and I had a huge ass party in like
2 hotel room sweets connected.It was wicked cool.. We are
gonna do that again when I go back to Oregon in the
summer.. Oh yeah my teacher told me today..only 8 more
mondays until school is out.. THAT IS AWSOME..

Rober I and Mandy got into a fight.. If u read this Matt
dont get mad.. Heres the deal.. Robert a guy that i have
kinda dated and slept with.. And a girl that I would have
considerd my best friend are talking.. FUCK THAT!!.. Mandy
knows how much I care about him and its just a shitty thing
to do.. She was showing him her titts and stuff.. its
fuckedup...So i dont even know if i want to talk to either
of them anymore.. Cuz they both hurt me alot!

I made a new friend.. she is hella cool.. But she is kinda
a slut.. I know that sounds bad.. but she talks about
fuckin everyone.. I dont know if she is a good influence on
me or not.. but she is hella cool.. so i guess i dont care
if she wants to sleep with the whole school its not really
my deal. We partied all this weekend had a good time.. got
to high sunday it was fun..

My friend Yalanda is gonna have a baby.. im excited she is
having a boy and is gonna pop anytime.. she is a little to
young.. but she will be a good mommy i know that.. she
practically raised her sisters kid...

Well my baby Matt is on.. so Im gonna go.. take care people