Everything Just Died
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2002-03-19 02:31:52 (UTC)

Damn Headache!

Hey How I got headache? First thing in the morning. I was
going to my pe class. I went to girl locker room. So my
friend Amber came in late. We were talking and I was
changing my clothes. Amber got stuck with her lock. So I
laughed at her then Amber got pissed off at me. Amber bang
her locker then I still laughed at her. I bent down to put
my shoes on then Amber bang my locker and tired shut my
locker. I got up BAM! The locker hit my head and it's
already shut and lock already lock. I got stuck with lock
few times. I was so pissed off at her and I yelled at her.
Amber already aloize me. So I'm alright but still have
headache. I think I'll feel better tomorrow. I'll have no
bump because I'm so strong and I don't get bump and burise
easy. If you got hit me harder and harder all day long.
Then I'll get bump and burise. Later

Dark Angel