1 day in a life as it dies
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2002-03-19 02:25:50 (UTC)

the history of rosie and me

ok I started to talk to Rosie right after her bf eric broke
up with her she went back out with him again and again even
after she fucked her friend well anyway I was way down and
shit and I made up my own little word where I was a 18 year
old cop and it was all shit but it got me out of this hell
hole of a life I have so anyway without knowing it I feel
in love with her she was everything to me for awhile then
eric asked her back out and she said yeah I had told her
that how I felt about her and she said she felt the same
way about me, anyway I told her the truth one day and told
her that my feelings for her where still true she was mad
but still talked to me and still said that she loved me, I
was always there trying to hold her up saying everything
would be ok, trying to be more of a friend then anything
else but my feelings for her grew and grew with each day I
talked to her we started talking on the phone and I went
crazy with love for this girl, then her and eric broke up
and I asked her out but they had just broken up so I said
nevermind and a week later Scott asked her out and she said
yes I was so depressed it wasnt funny I tried to kill mysel
so much during that time that I was looking for help I mean
like 3 times a day I would sit there with a razor to my
wrists I would always stop and just cut my arms or chest or
legs the pain was my freedom from the pain that my heart
was in, then one day I asked her if she still loved me and
she said no she liked me as a friend nothing more I shut
down after this I wouldnt talk to anyone about anything I
just sat in my room and looked at the wall for hours a day,
then her and scott broke up cuz he lives to far away from
her and they dont talk or something like that and she told
me that she loved me again and I was happy that day for the
irst in a long while but then she started to lie to me over
and over about everything that would make me mad I asked
her to stop talking to me for awhile but I couldnt stick
with thatI had to talk to her so time goes on and her bday
comes and eric asks her back out after sleeping with one of
her very good friends named amanda but she didnt tell me
they were back together and that went on for about 3 months
them dateing and her no telling me to tell the truth she
lied about it saying that she wasnt dating him many times
then she told me I already knew cuz of the way she was
acting but was still pissed cuz she lied and didnt tell me
about that time she told me she was pregnant twice which
she wasnt something that always getting me boiling and then
the whole rape thing pushed me over the edge stupid I know
but there is more to it but I dont feel like typeing the
almost year that we have been talking on to here well now I
think I still love her and she either hates me or thinks of
me as a bro so thats that

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