crackheads thoughts
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2002-03-19 02:11:29 (UTC)

no more!!!!!!! back again! just thought i might wanna write
somethin' in here just because i have somethin' on my mind.
i read brandon's journal just a min ago and it has kinda
made me mad even though i clame i dont like him i do. yeah
i will always have a spot in my heart for brandon. he is
talkin 2 a girl named patty. i dont know who she is and i
cant member where she is from but ill get over it i just
wish that if he has a g/f 2 stop hangin all over other
girls i mean it like make's me kinda mad when i see him all
over karen, i mean i have nuttin against the girl its just
its wrong 4 brandon 2 to do that!! but its none of my junk
2 get in 2 thats y im ganna stay out of it and then just
give brandon the COLD SHOULDER when he wants to "TALK" but
anyway im ganna go now and post again l8er.

NO ONE................4-NOW