my pathetic life
2002-03-19 01:41:30 (UTC)

concert aftermath

well hoobastank and 311 were really great last nite, i had a blast. i
was crowd surfing and in the mosh pits, it was great. this one guy
took a elbow to the face and was gushing blood, he was ok, it was
nice. the first time when i went crowd surfing i had my cell phone
that my bro made me carry in my pocket. when i got to the front and
was walking back to get bac in the crowd i realized the phone wasnt
in my pocket. i made a stage hand go look for it in the front but it
wasnt there. then me and my friend went crawling around the crownd
looking for it and she found it, i was so lucky. i couldnt move this
morning i was aching. i have cuts and bruises on my back and arms. i
even have a small cut on my cheek and a bruise on my eyebrow. one
time in the pit i feel down and some person strateled (is that spelt
rite?) me. it was weird. it was sad though, i was in one of my weird,
rare lovey moods. u no wear u just wana be all touchy feely, ya but
there wasnt any1 for me to act my feelings on. some of my guy
friends were there and they were grabin my ass but they were high so
i didnt feel like takeing advantage of them. all and all a good nite.