2002-03-19 01:19:47 (UTC)


Yeah yeah, it's been such a friggin long time since I've
gone in her.. or has it.. The last time was on the 12 and
tosay is the.. 18th!... hm... only 6 days! wow! Amanda's
party was cool... And oh me! I got 10 buckaroos for
memorizing 125 (or 126?) # in the number pi... My dad told
me that on the radio, the lady said, "A local kid memorized
700 numbers after the decimal in the number P-I." and the
guy next to her said, "It's pi." AAAHAHAHAH stupid lady...
Goodness gracious.. I have to work on my project, dangit.
Bye now.


Why do I sign my name at the end?? It's my diary and I know
who I am..

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