still single

sick of all the sh*t
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2001-05-15 02:38:00 (UTC)


Well today was a pretty good day at work. Emily is training
me to do processing...not sure when the transfer to RB will
take place...Thanks George for the good luck wishes ( =
Denis apologized for being so rumpy lately. Said it's
bcause he's been sick...He called last night and I didn't
get the phone on purpose...he is NOT oing to take me for
granted I tell you! He said he was gonna invite me over
because he barbecued steaks. Told him I didn't see th3e
missed call til this morning...wouldn't have wanted to
drive all the way up to San Marcos yesterday anyways. He is
having mothers day dinner today with his mom and
aunt...they came down from Ventura where he's from. He
asked me what I was doing later and I told him I'm going to
my friend Ashleys and we're having a girls night in...which
is true...if he thinks he can make plans at the last minute
and I'm supposed to drop everything he has another thing
coming. I picked up a movie and we're going to order pizza
and smoke some Ganja...I like Denis a lot but he has to
stop being so fucking moody...It's like he has PMS half the
time...fuck it! I was fine being single so if he wants to
be with me he better start being a lot more
attentive...shit, I'm so fucking low maintenance he shuld
be thanking his lucky stars. Anyway I have to go
now...supposed to meet Ashley at her apartment when she
get's off work...Why the fuck do men have to be trained? I
don't want to do any training and I'm tired of playing the
pathetic little games...I need to just be independant and
not rely on anyone since it's so hard to find someone
trustworthy nowadays anyway.Denis is a great guy but shit
happens and I don't want to be eating chocolate chip cookie
dough ice cream every night for 3 straight weeks and that's
what would happen if I put my heart and soul into this
relationship, and it suddenly died on me. Anyway bye for

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