2002-03-19 00:30:29 (UTC)

Sweet merciful death: a story

my life goes endless goes without
limitation...I fear I might never hear the echoe in my
soul. I hear the truth that's given but darkness around me
closes and the song's of the night haunt me still. While I
lay deathly quite I encircle the icy breath with my one
extended finger to calmly beckon death. Slowly he kneels
by my can I keep from his icy stare? His icy
stare so lovingly affixed on me...on my body on my flesh.
How can I keep from screaming? How can I keep from
screaming? I fear I'll never get past this a
slow new creation. Im reduced to tears as He lowers his
deadly lips to my a rock Im clinging....I wait
until he is done...I wait to come undone before his eye.
Sadly I am nothing...nothing once and hereafter, I am now a
new being of his beautiful disaster. In desert cells and
dark chambers, our thoughts intwine and I keep asking how
can I keep from screaming? how can I keep from screaming?
Can I ever find comfort above earth...will I ever see thy
palest light? Or will I stand hand in hand with merciful
death w/ all my demons regurgitating fright? No storm can
shake my inmost's to hope Im clinging... I shy
from heaven and will I keep from screaming?

I hear the dead man praying
and when it's only that I hear...
I'll never refrain from screaming...