bay turtle

This is Reality?
2001-05-15 02:15:25 (UTC)

DOuble chocolate Oreos

Those things are so good... double chocolate oreos! MMM!
Now if only they would make double-stuff chocolate oreos,
I'd be set! lol!

I think that if life were like a bag of double chocolate
oreos (or box of chocolates), life would be very boring.
There's no variety.

But, it's not like there's nothign to be said about being
self-indulgent! lol.

I can't believe that the national exam is over. We spent so
much time preparing for it, and now it's over. Almost a
disappointment. But, I was well-prepared (even though I
messed up my essay-- Oops!), and I *did* survive. (I will
survive... blah blah, I don't know the words!)

This weekend seemed long.. I think because I got out of
school at noon for the exam. Just maybe.

Ouch.. my finger hurts! I wonder what I did to it. Hmm..
Maybe it was when I sat down earlier, and thought the chair
was behind me, but in reality wasn't. NAhh... I just have a
big mark on my back from that one. (It looks so weird...
there's like, this huge bruise on either side of my
spine!) It was actually really funny. I wasn't asure
whether I should be laughign or crying! Just sitting there,
on my butt, going "I am such a dork.", and laughing my
bruised ass off.

What a day, waht a day.

But, I did learn something interesting. A)There are a *ton*
of kids at my high school who have had a checking account
for a substantial period of time, and don't know how to
balance their checkbooks, OR JACK SQUAT about how a check
actually works. (:: rolls eyes :: MORONS!!) B)There are a
helluva lot more people than I realized who don't know how
to do laundry. My history teacher is going to teach us now
that we don't have to do anymroe work.This is sad. I just
spent ALL WEEKEND doing laundry, and now I'm going to be
taught how? Hmm. I don't think so. I'm sorry, but no.

Time for bed. G'night!

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