Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
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2002-03-18 23:59:18 (UTC)

GMD3601: hey chlorineisheyes:..

GMD3601: hey
chlorineisheyes: hi
GMD3601: whats up sweetie
chlorineisheyes: still reading for english
chlorineisheyes: uch damnit i hate books
GMD3601: o shit
chlorineisheyes: wat
GMD3601: i have a lot to do for that class
GMD3601: like over ten chapters
chlorineisheyes: lol
chlorineisheyes: oh no
GMD3601: damn
GMD3601: o well
chlorineisheyes: did u leav it for the last minute
GMD3601: no
GMD3601: i just never read the book
chlorineisheyes: o
GMD3601: but besides
GMD3601: that what i did last year and i got a good grade
on the test 4 it
chlorineisheyes: lol
chlorineisheyes: did u get my stupid e-mail
GMD3601: no
chlorineisheyes: o
GMD3601: i havent checked my email in a long time
chlorineisheyes: i sent ya one
chlorineisheyes: o
chlorineisheyes: ok
GMD3601: ok ill check it later
GMD3601: right now im doin stupid math
chlorineisheyes: oh i hate math
chlorineisheyes: wat r u doin
GMD3601: well im in the advanced class so im doin algebra 1
chlorineisheyes: o lol, i'm in the stupid class cuz i dont
want to try
GMD3601: lol
chlorineisheyes: hey is it ok if my friend avi i'm's u
chlorineisheyes: ????
GMD3601: o avi
GMD3601: garen told me about him
GMD3601: sure
chlorineisheyes: ya i'm trying to convine him that ur
really cool
chlorineisheyes: lol
GMD3601: lol
chlorineisheyes: he calls ur gayret
chlorineisheyes: be nice
GMD3601: ok
chlorineisheyes: send me ur convo wit him
GMD3601: i thinks hes jealous
chlorineisheyes: lol
chlorineisheyes: were best freids
chlorineisheyes: friends
chlorineisheyes: *
GMD3601: ok
chlorineisheyes: damn i could really use that massega rihgt
now baby
chlorineisheyes: come move near me
chlorineisheyes: damnit
GMD3601: i no
chlorineisheyes: massage*
GMD3601: maybe ull have a bad neck at the bar mitzvah
chlorineisheyes: so wait, u never told me u were suicidle
GMD3601: neither did u
chlorineisheyes: um........ok who cares about me u did'nt u
tell me
chlorineisheyes: y*
chlorineisheyes: i mean i still am but how come u never
told me
GMD3601: becuz i thought my life sucks and no1 cared about
me and that shit
GMD3601: becuz u and me started talkin again when i was
over the sudical thing
chlorineisheyes: but i should have told me u kno i luv u
GMD3601: i know
GMD3601: but im glad its over
chlorineisheyes: y were u???
GMD3601: i had a vision when i was depressed that made me
not thiink of being sudical
chlorineisheyes: wat was the vision
chlorineisheyes: ??????
GMD3601: i was this place called castle rock
chlorineisheyes: ya
GMD3601: well neway i saw myslef kill myself hang myslef to
chlorineisheyes: o
chlorineisheyes: ow
chlorineisheyes: i have dreams like that all da time really
i do
GMD3601: like that
chlorineisheyes: exept i dont see myself i jus kill myself
in my dreams
GMD3601: o
GMD3601: but ur still sudical
chlorineisheyes: ya:-
chlorineisheyes: i jus never told u...
chlorineisheyes: :-
chlorineisheyes: :-[
GMD3601: y
chlorineisheyes: because whenever i started going out with
a guy they would dumo me because they did'nt want to deal
with my problems
chlorineisheyes: and i was scared that you would hate me
GMD3601: never
chlorineisheyes: :-
chlorineisheyes: i jus really do hate my life
GMD3601: i would never hate u
chlorineisheyes: and i'm so depressed sometimes
GMD3601: yeah i used to
GMD3601: just listen to music
GMD3601: it always take that thing off my mind
chlorineisheyes: ya
chlorineisheyes: i just dont think i can take it much longer
GMD3601: but dont kill ur self
chlorineisheyes: i'm scared i might do sumthing
GMD3601: please dont
chlorineisheyes: ive cut myself befor
GMD3601: so have i
chlorineisheyes: and i'm scared i might do it again
chlorineisheyes: where did u?????
GMD3601: stomach
GMD3601: wrist
chlorineisheyes: =-Ooh, garret....:-
GMD3601: where have u
chlorineisheyes: my foot, twice, one on the side and one on
the bottom...
chlorineisheyes: i reamember i was limping for a while cuz
it hurt so bad
chlorineisheyes: and when i did it i remember it woulden
stop bleading
chlorineisheyes: and i told my mom i cut it on the bottom
of the pool
GMD3601: thats good
GMD3601: it will tell u sumthing
chlorineisheyes: wat will????
GMD3601: god is makin it bleed so much
chlorineisheyes: no i did
chlorineisheyes: it was a pretty deep gash
chlorineisheyes: took a while to heal
GMD3601: still god made it a deep gash made it blled so much
chlorineisheyes: i dont belive in god
chlorineisheyes: it's so tupid
chlorineisheyes: stupid*
GMD3601: what
GMD3601: y
chlorineisheyes: how the hell could there be a god
GMD3601: but dont u believe in isiah ur guys god
chlorineisheyes: if there was a god he wouldent have made
me so screwed up
GMD3601: theres a god
chlorineisheyes: no there is'nt sweety
chlorineisheyes: there cant be
GMD3601: yes there can
GMD3601: and there is
GMD3601: i would tell u y
GMD3601: but its too long to type
chlorineisheyes: otherwise he wouldent have made the world
so terrible
GMD3601: he tried to sweetie
GMD3601: but the devil mad eit worst at the same time
chlorineisheyes: i belive in the devil
GMD3601: thats why there is good times and bad times
GMD3601: dont
GMD3601: please
chlorineisheyes: and hell
chlorineisheyes: no heaven
chlorineisheyes: evoryone goes to hell
GMD3601: theres a heaven
chlorineisheyes: because there are no good ppl
chlorineisheyes: no one is perfect
GMD3601: so u think im evil
chlorineisheyes: no
chlorineisheyes: y do u belive in god
GMD3601: becuz
chlorineisheyes: y?????

chlorineisheyes: has he done anything for u
chlorineisheyes: ???????

chlorineisheyes: he sure has'nt for me
GMD3601: tons
GMD3601: yeah he has
chlorineisheyes: like wat
GMD3601: one he made loose this suicdie prob 4 me
chlorineisheyes: well he has'nt for me
GMD3601: yeah he has
chlorineisheyes: the only good thing i can think of rihgt
off the back fo my hand is u!
GMD3601: if there wasnt a god then u woudnt have me and
everyone that is born will be a slave in hell
chlorineisheyes: ur the only good thing in my life right now
GMD3601: and certainly satin didnt give u me
GMD3601: and satin didnt give me u
GMD3601: it was god
chlorineisheyes: satin did'nt create the world he created
chlorineisheyes: to go with the world
GMD3601: god created the world
GMD3601: and heaven
chlorineisheyes: ok we shouldent be arguing over this baby
chlorineisheyes: it's stupid
chlorineisheyes: i jus dont belive anymore
GMD3601: no its not
chlorineisheyes: i used to but i dotn anymore
GMD3601: u should believe in him
chlorineisheyes: y
GMD3601: trust me he does answer everythin u ask and do
chlorineisheyes: no
GMD3601: it could be good it could be bad
chlorineisheyes: he doesent
GMD3601: but he did make this one promise
GMD3601: if u believe in him then he'll send u to heaven
chlorineisheyes: ok is there something ur not telling me(u
doin witch craft or anything like that) i'm not joking
GMD3601: enternal life
chlorineisheyes: i dont want to go to hevan i want to go to
chlorineisheyes: and rot away
GMD3601: no please
GMD3601: i dont want to loose u forever
GMD3601: please
GMD3601: i believe in god
GMD3601: and im goin to heaven
chlorineisheyes: n but realy r u doing witch craft or
something jw, u can tell me
GMD3601: i want u to come wit too
GMD3601: im not doin witch craft
chlorineisheyes: ok so howa bout i belive in god right now
and we both kill ourselves now and go to heaven
chlorineisheyes: ya lemmie get the knife
chlorineisheyes: hold on
GMD3601: NO

GMD3601: god damnit no
chlorineisheyes: on da count of three ok
GMD3601: please
chlorineisheyes: 1
GMD3601: shit no
GMD3601: please
GMD3601: dont
chlorineisheyes: baby i'm jus makin a point
chlorineisheyes: i'm sry
chlorineisheyes: i did'nt mean to scare you
GMD3601: whats ur point
chlorineisheyes: it's the way i think
chlorineisheyes: i cant help it
GMD3601: hannah by one time to another ill make u not have
these probs nemore
GMD3601: trust me
chlorineisheyes: u'll probably dump me befor u can
GMD3601: no
GMD3601: i promise u
GMD3601: i will never dump u
GMD3601: i swear
chlorineisheyes: garret thats real sweet but we need t be
realistic here
GMD3601: i am realistic hannah
chlorineisheyes: i love u so much garret
chlorineisheyes: omg
chlorineisheyes: u jus need to think clearly
chlorineisheyes: thats not the way things always go
GMD3601: hannah please listen
chlorineisheyes: ok
GMD3601: when u and me grow together and live together
untill were old and we die and i still want to see u in
heaven and in heaven u and me could go back to our own
right sexy bodies we had a long time ago and still love
each toher
chlorineisheyes: lol
GMD3601: just then u and me go do a lot more sexual flirting
GMD3601: but im serious
GMD3601: please
chlorineisheyes: GOD DAMNIT GARRET...
GMD3601: what
chlorineisheyes: I DONT GET IT
GMD3601: ok
GMD3601: alright
chlorineisheyes: HOW YOU COULD JUS....
chlorineisheyes: IT'S ME...
GMD3601: ok
GMD3601: just please could u promise me this
chlorineisheyes: WHAT DO U WANT ME TO PROMISE?
GMD3601: could u dont do nething bad to ur sel
GMD3601: *self
GMD3601: please
chlorineisheyes: ok
GMD3601: ok
chlorineisheyes: and will u promise me sumtin
GMD3601: yes
chlorineisheyes: that u wont do anything to hurt me,
because i'm so sick ad tired of being so depressed
chlorineisheyes: :-
chlorineisheyes: i jus dontwant to get hurt
GMD3601: im doin exactly the opposite
GMD3601: im tryin to heal u
GMD3601: i guess u could say
chlorineisheyes: promise
GMD3601: promise
chlorineisheyes: ok
chlorineisheyes: good
GMD3601: hannah ur the last person i want to hurt
chlorineisheyes: :-:-[
GMD3601: and thats true
GMD3601: hannah ur the person i love the most
GMD3601: i dont want nething bad to happen to u
chlorineisheyes: i love u too baby
GMD3601: ur the person of my dreams that i wish i could have
GMD3601: sexy funny nice and sum1 that does love me back
and doesnt cheat on me
chlorineisheyes: garet iu would be the last person to cheat
on u
chlorineisheyes: i love u so much
GMD3601: and so do i
GMD3601: i wish i had u in my arms right now
chlorineisheyes: mee to
chlorineisheyes: god i wish u were here
GMD3601: me too
chlorineisheyes: :-(sigh)
GMD3601: i counted how many times i wrote i love hannah
cherry all over my stuff
chlorineisheyes: seriously?

GMD3601: yeah
chlorineisheyes: O:-)
GMD3601: i had to write the last name becuz nick has a
girlfriend named hannah too
chlorineisheyes: y the hell cant u be here rihgt now
GMD3601: it was 38 times i counted
chlorineisheyes: if there was a god he would teleport me
there right now
GMD3601: im tryin to wrok sumthin out
chlorineisheyes: lol
chlorineisheyes: beem me up scottie!!!!
chlorineisheyes: lol
GMD3601: lol
GMD3601: he can only teleport ur soul to heaven sweetie
chlorineisheyes: he cant to dip shit
GMD3601: hey c'mon
GMD3601: please i dont want to argue with u right now
GMD3601: or discuss
chlorineisheyes: i kno
chlorineisheyes: i'll stop
GMD3601: ok
chlorineisheyes: brb
GMD3601: ok
chlorineisheyes: imma go change to pj's, yay
GMD3601: ok
GMD3601: u no i have a song that reminds me of u
GMD3601: its blurry
chlorineisheyes: i love that song
GMD3601: the lyrics r so perfect they perfectly dscribe us
chlorineisheyes: hmmmm
chlorineisheyes: (reciting lyrics in head)
GMD3601: ok
chlorineisheyes: ur rihgt
GMD3601: they do

I love my boy friend

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