dismal life
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2002-03-18 23:54:58 (UTC)

=) (=


perfect little dream
the kind that hurts the most
forgot how it feels
well, almost
no one to blame
always the same
open my eyes
wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up in flames
it took you to make me realize
it took you to make me realize
it took you to make me realize
it took you to make me see the light
smashed up my sanity
smashed up integrity
smashed up what i believed in
smashed up what's left of me
smashed up my everything
smashed up all that was true
gonna smash myself to pieces
i don't know what else to do...


Anyways...Vinnie is being a bitch to me because he made
friends with people that HATE me! Stupid jerk! He is such a long for us being friends. I really don't
appreciate him saying shit behind my back when all I tried
to do was be his friend! FUCK THAT!

MiKeY and I are just peachy! We had a couple of problems
last week when he got his stupid ass punished! We worked
things out...I love him so much. I'm so glad he loves me
and puts of with my shit...I can be such a bitch to him
sometimes and he still always wants me back =)

Christine and I worked out our problems as well. These past
2 weeks have been nothing but patching things up with
peeps. Now we have been toking like the good old days...YAY!