Insensitive Kitten

Insensitive Kitten
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2001-05-15 01:53:49 (UTC)

...giggle giggle giggle giggle....

I don't like when groups of people with SI come together
and "bond"

I don't like it at all.

It's jim dandy when one or two people with the disease talk
to one another or email each other on occasion for support.

I don't mind that...

What fucking pisses me off more then anything is when
little children go to these "support group" things people
establish and call themselves cutters and pretend that
they're so deep into the disease that they're in desperate
need of help.


Half those asswhipes are children younger then fuckin 14
and want attention...or just like the title of SI itself.
They walk around with a few scratch marks and suddenly tra-
la-la...they're a cutter.

What the fuck.

I was in one of those bullshit chat rooms and I asked this
girl (who must have been like fuckin 15 or 14) if she had
ever lived on cutting and the bimbo was like "Ummmm what do
you mean?" so I just told her that only a real cutter would
understand...then she claimed to have I
said "Bullshit cos a chld like you needs a ride to the
hospital to get that and your parents would be notified
even if your friend took you so you can't sit here and say
your parents don't know and you walk around with stitches."

God I fuckin hate children...I hate possers...

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