.Scream Your Dream.

Emo Violence
2002-03-18 22:57:20 (UTC)

+weekend in review...

so the zine is comming along great, god i love bryse, she
is so amazing, im so proud of her writing and
contributions. i missed her this weekend, she was in nyc.
i saw her after school on friday, we had this huge talk,
about family, and relion and us. she told me this crazy
fucking personal stuff, that scared me a little, just
becasue. after that on friday, i had to meet this band,
The Braves and give them some cash, because we had
orignally booked a show (and them) that night but
cancelled, they were on tour and we still had to pay them.
i was sorta pissed, this was definaly alyss' job, she had
booked them, and she pretty much had cancelled, but i got a
call, and had to save her ass (how many times is this!? too

((cross out the eyes is my favorite song off of thursdays
new cd, im playing it so loud right now))

SHIT! mom just called, shes comming right now to brign me
to the show, i will have to finish this later!