Mikey's Journal
2002-03-18 22:40:20 (UTC)

me + ben

Man, our relationship is getting tough. I thought it was
tough when we had to hide our relationship, but now with
everyone knowing, its even tougher. And then this past
Saturday he asked me to marry him and I said yes. But we're
starting over because of everything that has happened sence
we started dating. He's gonna try to befriend Tammy and
Frankie again and rededicate his life to the Lord. I'm just
like "Ok. Whatever." I didn't tell him that, that's just
what I'm thinking. He's trying to get me to go to church
with him tonight and I really don't want to. So I'm coming
up with any excuse I can think of. And I'm running out. He
really thinks I want to go. (Ha!) Anyway, I told two of my
friends today that he asked me to marry him and I think
someone over heard me and told his mom. His mom told him
that she found out. But I don't think she's gonna do
anything. I think Ben and I are still going to the prom.
But he's getting a little annoying. At least I don't have
to go to his church tonight. But he wants to hang out with
me at this softball meeting I might go to tonight. I really
don't want to see him till tomorrow morning. Well my dad
has been really weird. Also in 4th period me and Alma got
into a fight. Luckly Mrs. Love moved me and now I'm sitting
in front of Justin, one of my and Ben's friends. Well this
entry is weird enough.

Michelle (I might start going by my middle name, Elizabeth.)