ThOuGhTs Of A LoTuS ChiLd
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2002-03-18 22:31:23 (UTC)

8 Dayz Till Mirror Mirror Show!!

man im soooooo fucking hype for this show coming up..hell
the whole tour..im trying to hit up like 5 shows..its gonna
be fresh as fuck!..so far ive heard the concerts have
fucking tore everyones wig str8 off!! and the Matt Nippz
reports have been off da hook too! (for any of you juggalos
out there that dont know the Matt Mippz reports are over at
anywho...Travis this fresh ass juggalo from A-Townn
Indiana (like whut baby whut!) called me last night...we
talked for like ever...hes kewl as shit and good lookin
too..lol hes defintly one down ass mutha fucka...and im
looking forward to meeting him at the gathering..
well i havent talked to manda lately..still havent talked
to steve ..frankly i dont want to except to get my shit
back.burke hasnt emailed me back lately...he must not have
anything to say or the email i sent must of upset him
maybe? oh who gives a fuck anyways...lol
well today seems to be goin str8 ..just another day ya
knoe? well i need to do sum chores so my mom will be happy
for once and maybe i can get sum extra skrilla for the

peace and MCL