1 day in a life as it dies
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2002-03-18 21:52:46 (UTC)

drugs sex and missing bfs

well ok Travis Nicki's bf has ran off and she is really
worried about him and I am worried about her him gone is
putting a lot of stress on her cuz she is worrying so much
I cant blame her one bit for it and I dont I would be going
crazy if that happened to me. the bad part about her
telling me all this is that when she was talking about it
the only thing that was going through my head was if she
was a good lay and I feel so bad thinking it I mean I
should be there to help her and all I want to do is fuck
her brains out I am such an ass for it its not even funny,
well that explains the missing bfs and the sex and as for
the drugs............ I was on a lot of drugs a few years
ago, people used to call me the professor cuz I knew what
they all looked like tasted like and smelled like hell I
was on them all the worst was herone I think thats how you
spell it well I was hooked on it for 3 years and was able
to stop cold after one of my friends ODed on it well about
a month ago a few friends were snorting it and asked if I
wanted some I said no but did it anyway and I am hooked
again I dont think I can stop this time what the fuck do I

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