J's Online Life
2001-05-15 01:36:36 (UTC)

First Entry

Ok well this is my first entry since I just made my new
online diary. Today was so fun specially in Math class.
Two of my friends had a fight with two other girls. I
won't mention their names for my own good. Anyway, it was
so much fun because there was a lot of shoutings, cussings,
red faces and all that stuff. I was a bit mad too because
the two other girls--ok let me just call them the bad side--
made my best friend cry. The bad side actually started the
feude by telling everybody what my friends did that wasn't
at all true. So everybody started asking us what we did.
Then my best friend told them that the bad side wrote a bad
letter about my best friend which is totally mean. Then
the bad side were denying it. Afterwards, I just saw my
best friend crying because she was really really--i mean
really--mad. Then one of the girls from the bad side began
crying too but I think she was just faking it to get
attention from everybody including the teacher. I really
think everybody is in our side because after they searched
the trash can for the torn letter, they made sure if it was
the bad side's hand writing and everybody agreed that it
was. Well it was so much fun even though I didn't had to
do anything from what had happened and everything. I was
half happy too because I don't have any problems to worry
about. Well that's about it...Bye!