pink's palace
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2001-05-15 00:52:06 (UTC)


today has been slow but kinda fast when i think about it.
all i did was laundry and stuff. chris spent the night last
night, he wants to move in but i shudder at the thought of
a gay man living in my house, i have nothing against gay
people, i have some really close gay friends but he and his
boyfriend are always making out and i don't want to watch
that and he bitches alot, but i don't just want to say no.
hmmmmm.....what to do. i miss jon-jon. he is one of my good
friends that moved back in with his parents. he's my big
drunkan indian buddy. when he's not hasseling me to buy him
a 40 he's either asleep or already drunk and being jon. i
miss him. althpugh he did lose my aphrodite cd, i forgive
him....i kinda lost his digweed and sasha cd. infact i lost
all of my cd's. oh well life goes on. i have to wake up at
6:00 in the a.m. tomorrow to see about a job.

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