a watercolour stain
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2002-03-18 19:18:30 (UTC)


ok, well, i cut the last entry short because isaac got up
and was wandering through the house. yesterday we waited
around for ron to call. we couldn't get ahold of him all
day, and we never did. so we never went out to the movies
or to dinner. instead we stayed home and watched the
stephen king marathon on sci-fi. that was alright, except
i'd seen all the movies like 6 times. um, we went and got
ice cream too. we ended up having the strangest (but
serious) conversation about threesomes. *giggles* how
very interesting. and i was up until around 5am. is this
ever gonna end? and we're supposed to go out to dinner w/
his family on april 6th for his parent's anniversary. i
mean, c'mon. it's their *anniversary* for god's sake.
wouldn't they rather be *alone* instead of w/ a big bunch
of family? alright, i have much stuff to do....:P
~violet stardust~

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