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2002-03-18 19:07:08 (UTC)


hehe I dunno what to write.. what was the last thing i
Oh, well i rem. Um.. yeah i HAVE been deciding and in deep thought a
lot more lately.. does anyone even care? Ha. I'm not depressed.. but
just kinda sad.. anywayz.. the joy of the Lord is my strength! WOO!
PRAISE GOD THROUGH YOUR TRIALS! All you need is JESUS..Y'shua:)!:)!
Well... i know that i love listening to this song..
"SUMMER GIRLS" aaaaw! By LFO? hehe phew kool song baby.
I went to Wayne's house Saturday night and had one of the
greatest times..
Looking at HPU..
I love Ralph Lauren's "Romance" purfume! *sighs:)*
Got my license renewed today and registered to vote!
GOD is so beautiful.. so wonderful.. guys, let's stay close
to Him.. and keep getting to know Him .. all the time..
and... worship..

To Be Coninued

I MISS YOU and you know who i am talking to!!!!!!!!!!

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