Thoughts arrive like butterflies
2002-03-18 18:32:23 (UTC)


Hmm..ok, so "Tainted Love" was released today and in my
lunch break I went to town to get it. I got ONE of the two
CDs (with Suicide is painless on), then when I got home, I
found out the stupid woman had put the OTHER CD in the
case, so now I have the lame and boring CD. I wanted
The "Suicide is painless" disk, but I threw away my
reciept...! I'll just have to get it AGAIN!
This is fucking ridiculous but you know...what can I do?!
German coursework in for tomorrow as well as my History
which I had to do again.

"Welcome to my world"
I had to
Give my English presentation today
It was pretty bad
I don't really like giving Oral presentations
But I have no choice
What the teacher says..goes
You can't refuse
You get kicked out, expelled
Though I only said three lines
I started feeling sick
In front of the class which I have given lots and lots and
lots and lots of presentations infront of?
It rained today.
It rains most days
I like the rain...
it's nice and coooold