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2001-05-15 00:05:50 (UTC)


I got the shivers so bad tonight. When I was in elem.
school, my best friend was the school bully. I always kept
him out of serious trouble and me, being the goody-two-
shoes I was, seperated from him when we hit junior high. He
dropped out right about when he entered freshmen year. I
don't talk to him much anymore but everyone once and a
while I'll get a call from him to meet up somewhere and we
reminisce... it's kind of odd.
We could sit and talk for hours about things that we did
together as kids... The time I slept over his house and he
kept me up all night singing "Whomp there it is"... how in
seventh grade he had a crush on me and saved me from dating
a huge jerk... how I used to yell at his older brother for
smoking in my front yard... Just everything. Well tonight
he called me.
I walked to the feild down the road from my house and we
met up there, talking about how it's been monmths and how
alot's changed. I'm not the goody-two-shoes anymore and he
stills gets in trouble but I'm not there to save him
anymore. He surprised at me and told me I should have more
confidence. We were laughing about how I wore make-up to
prom (he always knew me as a tomboy) and nail polish... He
tried to convince me I don't need any of that, but I know
it's not true. I'm the type of person who grew up an
outcast and learned that ditching glasses (i now wear
contacts), wearing make-up, joining the cheering squad, and
dying my hair blonde gets me a lot further than working
hard and doing good in school... He always trys to convince
me otherwise... when he left we hugged and he pinched my
butt and told me one more time that I didn't turn out like
he thought I would all those years of friendship ago... I
guess maybe it's for the good thing, but now he's thinks
I'll never be President- "The first stoner president? YEAH