The lost little girl
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2002-03-18 15:28:36 (UTC)

i'm home!!!

yes yes yes, i'm home. the trip w/ chris was great to
buffalo. we stayed at my sister's house the entire time we
were there. we went and saw "Resident Evil" at the mall. the
baby is beautiful. the baby shower was so crowded...no shit
like 45 people there. and i had to do all the running..it
was funky. however, as chris can agree, even though the baby
shower was mostly women, it was fun. ( I.E. the MAN ROOM)...
i can't believe how amazing Sebastian is. thursday night (
cuz we had only been there for a couple of hours) i was
holding him so my sister could do a couple of things. and
well it was so cute, he fell asleep in my arms. but he was
kinda low in my arms and i could figure that out. i would
pull him up to my shoulder..and he would slide back down..so
i asked my sister. she said that it wasn't a big thing..he
does it to her all the time b'cuz what he is doing is
listening to your heart beat. i thought that was so
i'm kinda in a weird mood right now for obvious reasons. so
if i seem pissed off, that's cuz i prolly am. so don't mind
me...i will talk to you later--love you--janie

daily quote :
"no no no jay listen, the last time i saw jane she was like
this big ( holds out hand) and she would lay on my stomach
and rub my ear till it was red. now look at her..she's thin
and tall like a goddamn tree and i'm sitting here havein' a
drink with her....jesus!!!"- adrian ( my cousin)

" if i'm not back in 5 MINUTES...come and get me....mr. bill
mr. bill ..mr. bill...tee hee hee" - jay..( my bro)

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