Magic of Mascara
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2002-03-18 14:17:10 (UTC)

Bryan Bradley ... R.I.P.

March 14, 2002:
There was a car crash last night.
My crush since middle school was supposedly racing.
The roads were really wet last night.
He got into an car accident and he didn't survive.
I'm never gonna see him again.
Even though I probably didn't mean that much to him, he
meant a lot to me.
I didn't feel good yesterday and I was gonna stay home but
instead I went to the club.
If I had stayed home I probably would have called him to
see if he wanted to hang out.
I feel really bad about going last night.
I miss him already.
It hasn't even hit me and I can't stop crying.
I can't shake this feeling either.
Thanks Ker for calling me.
I miss him already and it hasn't even hit me that he's...


March 15, 2002:
I'm not going to be writing for a while.I can't.I don't
know what to say.

At 10:17, Bryan and three other friends were driving and
they came around a sharp curve in the rain and skidded into
the oncoming lane. They crashed headon with another car.
Bryan, who wasn't driving and the two people in the back
died instantly. The driver is in critical condition, they
don't know if he will live. If he lives and they find that
he had been drinking, they're charging him with 3 accounts
of murder. None of them has seatbelts on.

Me and Ted went to the site where he died and I put my
beads from Mardi Gras on the fence. There was glass and
pieces of tail lights everywhere. Orange spray paint on the
ground. What looked like dried blood on some parts of the
ground. Bryan died like this. He's never coming back and
nobody even got to say goodbye to him.

We left the site and Ted asked if I could drive past his
house. I did and I saw his car. His shiney rims and the
writing on the back of his tinted windows. I could feel my
heart crumble. His sister was opening his car door. That
wasn't plesant to see. She looks just like him and she was
opening the door to her dead brothers car. How sad is that?

Why do things happen? Why do I feel like I'm in a bubble?
Is the bubble a dream, that I'll wake from soon?

Pisces horoscope for Friday, March 15th:
You will find that matters in life will be unstable. Take
the initiative to do things that will make your personal
environment more comfortable...

Morelli and I talked for a bit. He knows how much I liked
Bry. He told me that he cared and told me how upset he was
when he found out what happened.

Thank you so much for your replies, they are very
appreciated. I

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