Incoherent Thoughts...
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2002-03-18 12:40:41 (UTC)

music: some random easy rock..

music: some random easy rock station

Today did not start out very well. I've been awake for half
an hour and already i feel like crap. My mom came home
from work this morning and she and i got into a rather
heated dissagreement. We were both being bitchy (but more
so on her part) haha. Well, i have two classes today so i
have a ton of work to do. I feel so messed up right now,
emotionally. It's not good. I'll add to this entry when i
get home, if i get home. Bye for now =(

And yet the horror continues, i just finished some conversations with
various people via IM and i feel craptacular again. Today just kept
getting worse and worse and worse. I am trying to sort some
different emotions out right now and i am not succeding very well. I
am still screwed up. I am always am aren't i? And i don't know what
to do...:P My boss was btiching at me again today...=( five weeks
until i am done with her! ahaha. ok, i'd better stop for
to go work stuff out before i freak. Whoops, to late.