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2002-03-18 08:04:41 (UTC)

new zealand update.......well kinda. more of a ME update

well ive kinda decided i want to re-join my band cos i left
before because they decided they wanted to play talentless
shit (ie punk) soo i thought nah fuck that. but i really
miss being part of a band so yeah if they want me back ill
return. and yeah we entered the rockquest last year ( a
national competition to encourage us youngsters to get into
the music industry)
but yeah anyways who knows. I had a real fucker of a day
today i went to physio and i dont feel much better. but i
think i want to be a physiotherapist now it sounds really
interesting. hes gonna do some accupunture on my ear cos
theres all these pressure points there that relate to other
parts of your body so hopefully he can do something about my
ah fuck i hav no bf im so lonely.
my friends dont believe me but really i'm quite shy, its a
pain in the ass really. ohwell, somone will come along
someday... in the not too near future i hope. my school has
a social comin up but they're always really lame so im still
deciding wether or not to go.
ehhh fuck so many tests. u would not believe how fucked and
gay the new marking system is here in new zealand now.
theyve changed it just as my year gets to it. the teachers
are striking and are threatening to fuck our year up
.....(well, more or less)
we also have no air force here incase you didnt know, so
we're pretty fucked. I mean come on, of all things, why give
up the airforce?? we're an iscolated country out in the
middle of nowhere, Good on you New Zealand Government. Smart
Choice. As always.
yeah im rambling but i dont care
man i cant wait for winter to come......darkness, coldness,
crunchy grass, yeah its gonna be sweet
im gonna try and get good as at snowboarding this year. i
know i wont because i'm too much of a wuss to take big
risks. im thinking of geting into BMX aswell. but yeah just
a maybe on that one cos i was watchin the vodafone Xtreme
games and i saw this one aussie dude smash the side of his
face into the side of a dirt jump.....ouch
looks fun other that that though heh
ah i cant believe my friend is going to live in Canada for a
whole year! Its going to be so weird because ive known her
my whole entire life and then all of a sudden she wont be
here anymore.
ohwell i gtg catch yas l8er
PS - sorry for the boring entry heh