Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-03-18 07:27:43 (UTC)

So What Difference Does It Make?

Well, I'm home. I'm settled despite the melée of tiny and
previously eradicated insects that I've found (like a load
of dead flies - well 2. And a woodlouse. But that was all.
A load was exaggerating).

So it was Didier's birthday yesterday. We went out into
Huddersfield. Nowhere particularly busy but enough that he
& Duncan could get their fix of whichever they chose. (Good
to see Duncan attached too, and his better half came along
too). And a good night was had by all.

Even managed to take advantage of the not overly inclement
weather and play a bit of footy. But why I'm up so early
today I don't know. The anticipation of such a big day? No.
Its not a lot, getting a film developed and a parcel posted
to the Ukraine aren't as wonderful as the Copacabana.

Other than that, its been quite a slow day. I've heard from
a couple of my mates from down in Norwich, which I find
very odd, not least because I already miss them like crazy.
A lot of jokes are quite left-of-centre, but they seem to
get them, unlike Didier, who struggled with my Ali
G=allergy gag yestreday. (That's what it was. Sniffle and

Anyway, I'm just awaking. If anything else hits me you'll
be the first to hear it. Especially the album I get. I
quite fancy Billy Bragg.

Oh, and I was surprised how much life up here feels like a
Smiths song. It really does. So there you go.

WILT? The Smiths - Half A Person.