2002-03-18 05:16:21 (UTC)

sleeping...I should be

I could be sleeping but I decided to save all of my
homework for Sunday. Aw well, I'm pretty much done with it
I have a presentation in Philosophy tomorrow morning. By
some miracle I'm sure that God will speak through me. I
have prepared though, I just hope I can get the ideas
across in a somewhat understandable fashion. Wittgenstein
would have been an interesting fellow to meet in person.

I was having a minor breakdown today over the fact that I'm
still confused with what the rest of my life is going to
look like. Of course I have plenty of time to figure it out
(or rather for God to let me know)but sometimes I just want
to know NOW!

I had to think of who I want to live with next year today.
Ann, a lovely gal across the hall is going to be the lucky
one! We had a "bitch meeting" today to talk about our suite
for next year, and we still have one room to fill. Of
course we spent more time talking about how we want to
decorate the common room than to whom we are going to have
with us in the suite. Aw well. It'll all come out in the
Did I tell you guys that Laura is withdrawing from school?
I'm a bit worried about her. She's totally different from
you guys, but I love her. The very fact that makes her
different is why I'm concerned. Most of her friends at home
smoke up and drink every weekend. I just hope that going to
school from home won't be a mistake. At least here she
wasn't drinking every weekend.
Say a prayer for her anyways.

I miss you guys. Just what is this summer going to be like?
We'll all be working, but no matter what we have to spend
some time together, ok? Promise? Sara, I miss you!
I luv you guys.
Beck, don't you dare stop singing!!!!
luv, myrtle