a rop through my mind....
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2002-03-18 05:12:39 (UTC)

more mindless babble

*sigh* today was relativly un-eventfull, hung out with janie and jimmie stopped by, havent' seen
either of them in awhile so it was cool :)

havent' skied yet......thinking of going on tuesday with my dad, that should be fun :)

see, if you decided to read this to be entertained, then you probably came to the wrong place, if you
came here to read mindless babble, or find out bits and pieces of my life, you're in the right place....

oh and for the record, i've been really good about not smoking much, it's not like i ever smoked that
much, like a pack would last me like 4 days, but i still enjoy the ocasional ciggie, but it's usually
when i'm partying, so it's ok...well not ok, but better than smoking all the time........


yeah so, like stuff.....i'm here till i think friday (here is home for spring break...yeah exciting i know!)
could be leaving saturday or sunday, depending...we'll see.........

yeah so since i have nothing overly intelligent to say, i'll leave you to other more interesting forms of


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