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2002-03-18 04:59:57 (UTC)

scary, evil metropolis libraries

Today would've been such a wonderful day for sleeping with
all the rainy-ness. But I got up b/c Mer and I were off
for an adventure at State. Well...first a walk in the
pouring rain and then Quizno's. Yum. So yes...the
library? Oh my...it was enough to prove to me that I
definitely do not need to go to a large university. I
mean...I think I would love it and all once I got used to
it...but it would take me a bit. Anyways...so as if 4 or 5
hours wasn't enough...I'm gonna go back tomorrow. Well-not
necessarily by choice, but I kinda have to. Starbucks
though...it kinda helps us feel better. :-)
Tonight I did not nearly enough work...but managed to get
my spanish composition written. Also did some of the
Tomorrow will be a busy day. Class at 9, 10, 11, and 1.
Then to the language lab for a most-dreaded session. Next
on the agenda...another visit to the scary, evil, monstrous
library. :-p
I have a feeling it is going to be 1 of those weeks.

The night is my companion
and solitude my guide,
Would I spend forever here
and not be satisfied,

Through this world I've stumbled
so many times betrayed,
Trying to find an honest word,
to find the truth enslaved,

Into this night I wander,
it's morning that I dread,
Another day of knowing of
the path I fear to tread,
Oh into the sea of waking dreams
I follow without pride,

~Possession, Sarah McLachlan