the one who got away

lost somewhere inside of me
2002-03-18 04:10:28 (UTC)

last night was so..

last night was so amazing.........i havent felt like that
in a while.......the beautiful feeling of accomplishment
but it wasnt a task thats what was so was
earning trust, being loved and loving someone else when
they needed me the most

im so happy....i dont know why other than that look...oh
that look that he gave me last night...that smile....those in awe...i dont know how to explain myself

so sweet....i see right through that hard exterior...i saw
it the first time he was scared....the first time i
witnessed him and his buddy in a fight....he wasnt in fear
of the physical he was in fear of the friendship he knew he
had screwed up and he was so upset with himself......

he is so gentle....the love that he shows and the patience

when i got over there last night he was so
upset.....stressed out and frustrated and all he wanted was
for it all to go away....i made it all go away...
he asked me to come over so he would be in a good mood
when i got there i figured i would just keep my distance as
to not upset him anymore....cause i didnt want to attach
myself to him if he didnt want to be messed i
sat on the couch next to him and chilled for a while...then
i played with his hair for a while....well ran my fingers
through it.....when i brought my hand down was when he
wrapped his arms around me and was holding on as tightly as
he could....i knew then that he really had needed
we finished watching the movie and then he asked me to
massage his back for him so i did....and when i finished i
kissed him on his cheek and thats when i got that smile and
that look in his eyes...that look goh i love that
look.......its that i love you look but its so much
more...we then kicked corey off the couch since he took
over when we moved to the floor and he went to sleep....we
started to watch another movie but then i realized it was 2
o clock and i had to leave at three so we talked a little
bit and then i kissed him...but i got one back of
course...but geez things are so great......i dont know how
to explain but the look said it all last night
for both of us
but im out for now ill be back later
night all