a little piece of me
2002-03-18 04:02:59 (UTC)

forgot to mention a few things...

in the last entry, forgot to mention a couple things. not
really important, just wanted to write them down. first, i
got my hair cut. i cut about a foot and a half off. it's
below my shoulders. about medium length now. it was
amazing how much lighter my head was after that lol. i
sorta regret doing it, but i guess i'm glad that i did. i
mean, it will grow back. and now, i can put dreds in it
and braids and stuff a lot easier than i could before. i
actually put a few braids in today.

second thing is new orleans has these donut things called
bignets (pronounced benyays). those damn things were
orgasmic. i highly suggest that if you make it that way,
you pick some up.

i got off the phone with brett just a little while ago. we
were on the phone for a couple hours. oops. we both
agreed that it was one of the best conversations we've
had. it was so relaxed and so funny. we both hacked up a
lung each time we started laughing, but it was great (he's
sick too...everyone i know is sick!). i think we went way
too fast before. i know him a lot better now, and things
are just easier. it's great. i also got to talk to
heather tonight. got cut off by my mom. i thought she was
upset...she sounded like she was crying. turns out she
just has a cold too. kinda had me worried for a few

anyway, as several people have pointed out, i've been in a
much better mood lately. i must agree. i think the
increase in the meds really helped. i skipped out on the
last shrink visit. i'm not going back anymore. i just
hate talking to some pretentious fuck who thinks they

anywho...i really gotta get to bed. still feeling like
crap, and i have to get up early. night everyone.