Confused as usual
2001-05-14 21:30:29 (UTC)


Ok, i have a good friend online, Cindy. I have been talking
to this guy Jamie for a few months now. I met him back in
November through Cindy, but he was involved in an online
relationship with someone else, who has become a friend
somewhat. The problem is, Cindy thinks that i am playing
with fire by talking to this man. I like this guy, he seems
like a good guy. Him and i are friends, and we have talked
about meeting for a cup of coffee and some good
conversation,and we have flirted, nothing major. But the
other day he refused to talk to me. He deleted any emails i
sent him without even reading them. So i finally broke down
and called him on the phone. I was just starting to leave a
message when he picked up the phone! So i asked him where
he got the idea that i was messing with his head. He said
from what i said, and what cindy said, and he put 2&2
together. So i told him flat out that i WAS NOT messing
with his head, and that i would never do that.
This guy is NOTHING like what cindy says he is. She said
he is psycho, and has a tendency towards violence. I think
if put in the right situation, we could all be prone to
violence. Cindy does NOT have a good past from what i have
heard. She has a habit of butting in where she dont belong,
like in other peoples relationships. So, i guess i am gonna
have to be very careful about what i say around her,
especially when it comes to jamie.