A day in the life....
2002-03-18 03:36:12 (UTC)

back from break

Hey everyone! I'm back from an absolutely outstanding week
in Arizona! I had so much fun. I got to dig, and lift, and
dig, and level dirt, and dig, and lift more bricks, and
other such stuff. There was a good deal of flirting and
socializing as well..some of which was quite "profitable"
so to speak. Got to know a really great guy over the course
of the week...Brian. I had met him at campus day back on
Feb. 16th and was able to hang out and get to know him
better. He's such a sweet guy.
I could write this entire journal about him but he wasn't
the focus of the past week.
God was and is the main focus. If it hadn't been for Him i
wouldn't have made it through the week. The week was trying
on all accounts: mentally, physically, spiritually, and
emotionally. I learned things about myself and about God
and life that i cannot even form into words. I was enabled
to be placed in a small group leader role for devotions one
night, help out with music as well. and just relish in the
sight of God's awesome wonder in nature. I loved it! Alas i
am weary and need much sleep. The trip home was bitter yet
oh so sweet. will write more later. g'night and God bless
you all!