Home Stretch
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2001-05-14 21:20:43 (UTC)

Finally for once

German today, Extremely boring class. I just want to hurt
my friggin' german teacher. Well things are giong better
since prom, The girl from the prom, is for once, noticing
me. I was ecstatic when she asked me to do a dialogue with
her in German. What does it mean when people play footsie
with you under the table!?!?! I was soooooooo excited.
She gives me that look, I just want to kiss her, and tll
her how much I like her. I'm a spontaneous, unpredictable
person, and she is the perfect person for me, I can sense
it. I have never felt like this before, with any onther
girl. If I could choose, just one person to be with for
the rest of my life, it would have to be her. In closing,
Tthe song ''Between you and me'' by the ataris best sets
the status of my life at this time.

Won't you come over?
You know that you want to.
How does it feel to know
I still want you?

Why do we always seem,
To want what we can't have?
Lessons learned.
But then I listen to my heart,
And it says still run back for more.

I'm happy for you.
I'm sure that he really loves you.
But it breaks my heart,
To know I can't hold you.

It's just hard to think
I'll never get the chance
To say your mine.
But every time you hear this song
You'll know you've made a mark
On my heart and my mind.