Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2002-03-18 02:41:49 (UTC)

Dashboard Confessional

Yeah, hes my friend. Yes, Dashboard, for those who dont
know, its a he. Lol.


We went to teh State Drill Meet, you know, its the Super
Bowl of JROTC, and came in first in 2 events and second in
2 events. We usually do about 3rd. Weve never gotten
first before! And one was in my event!! YAY!!!

Anyhoo, I think Aaron is mad at me. That bugs me because
weve been friends forever and hes told me about all the
people that have hurt him and I dont want to be one of
those, its not like I meant to. *shrugs* He'll come around
I guess...

I sunburnded. I gunna get cancer when I get older cuz I
keep getting sunburned. :(

Clark and Danielle stopped by today. It was kinda strange,
ya know? I miss them alot. But it was kinda weird all the
same. I know I hardly said two words, but I was
uncomfortable. I couldnt really look them straight in the
eye for any length of time, I could danielle... somewhat.
I dunno....

Okeys... its 940 and I gost no baby... *debates callage...*

I need someone to talk to. Matt, Marie, Huggles, get
online! Nick, c'mon buddy! :-P *twiddles thumbs*

I had to move junk around and clean my room *ha funny joke*
somewhat today. Cuz the whole room switchage thing...

I had nursery duty today. Those kids are so cute. And
this one lil baby looked just like a lil faerie or pixie...
she just needed to sprout wings...

*needs to send older sister an e-card for her birthday...*

Matt, I love you so much angel
Huggles, marie, i loves you too

Someone talk to me!!!