Confused as usual
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2001-05-14 21:16:32 (UTC)


This is my first entry in my diary, which is somewhat new
to me. I am a mother of 4 wonderful children. My oldest son
is 12yrs old, and will be going to 6th grade camp on
Tuesday May 22nd. He will be home on the 24th, but its
still going to be quiet and yet strange without him here at
home. The 3 younger ones are so looking forward to his
being gone for those few It's no wonder either, he
is always starting crap with them,instigating fights,etc,so
yeah, maybe it will be nice to have hardly any fights for a
few days. I will talk about my kids in here, and also about
a few close online friends that i have made since i first
came online a year ago.
I currently share a house with my ex husband. Its tough at
times to do so, but it does allow me to be able to stay
home with my kids right now. And since my oldest one is at
that age where trouble will surely be starting, i think
this is best. Most times it feels like i am a single parent
since he does work afternoons, so he is gone before they
get out of school. But he has put in for days already cuz
he has realized that he is not getting any time with his
kids working this shift. Plus this shift dont allow him to
really get anything done around the house,which leaves me
doing the cooking,cleaning,and laundry for 6 people.
Granted the kids help with the housework, but its still
alot for one person to do alone.