Random Ramblings Of A Teenager
2002-03-18 02:09:38 (UTC)

March 17, 2002: It's that fuzzy kinda feeling, ya know

Well this has been the longest period of time that I
haven't wrote. I'm really surprised that I didn't think of
anything before to ramble about. You guys must all be
really happy. But now back to MY problems and MY life.

Last night was the last night of the musical so I decided
to go with my mom and her boyfriend. I know that's sad but
all my friends had already went two nights before. So
anywho. we were walking in the auditorium and alison
anderson came up to me and was like "My friends ditched me
so can I sit with you." Well I felt sorry for the girl so I
let her. But all through the play whenever something finny
was said she started snorting. Ahhhh!!!!! It was so
annoying!!!! Lucky I was distracted most of the time
because Kyle was in it. He was only in the chorus but they
were on a lot. And during intromission while I was talking
to Ann. Katie, and Ellen he came up to me and we were
talking. *Sigh* he can look hot even when he has eyeliner
on. So anywho he asked if I saw him and we were goofing
around, like we tend to do. It was awesome.

I'm flying on cloud 9 right now. The only thing that could
make it any better is if he would had kissed me or if I
would had gotten enough courage to tell him I like him or
ask him out or something.

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