The Soap Opera Life
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2001-05-14 20:19:53 (UTC)

The *Innocent* Kiss

Today is my first time writing in here so, this may be a
little short. Today started out as a regular school day,
but then something happened between 2nd and 4th period. A
boy that I have come to know over the past school year,
(whose locker is next to mine), approached me today and out
of nowhere, kissed me on the cheek. Now he knows that I
have a boyfriend, (we've been together for a little over a
year), and he still did it anyway. What bothers me about
it was the fact that he didn't even respect me. I told my
boyfriend about it and he was ready to beat the boy up, but
I don't see how violence is going to solve the problem. I
told him that I would have a talk with the boy tomorrow.
What do you think I should do about the situation? E-mail
me back with your responses at: [email protected]