life as it is
2002-03-17 23:42:21 (UTC)

sb is over

Spring break has come to an end. I got play...yay. It wasnt
all that I expected it to be. I figured out that play wasnt
what i was looking for. I just wanted a guy to pay atention
to me. I dont think about J as much, but i still do
sometimes. Then i've got my all out idolized, idealized
fantasy boy Ja. He's hot--but i've built him up in my mind
to be something hes not. and then i've also developed a
crush on someone i seriously CANT have, just cause i CANT
have him.....AH!Dude, T needs to come home! i have so much
to talk about. I need to stop basing my life on
starts tomorrow....NO! I cant go back, i just cant take it
anymore. I hope it gets warm again.